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STUC Comment on Job losses at Carron Phoenix Falkirk

18th April 2016

Commenting after 211 skilled workers at Carron Phoenix had been informed that is a production will end in Falkirk by the end of 2017, Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said, “Today’s news is devastating blow to the workers at Carron Phoenix, their families and the Falkirk community.

STUC General Council affirms support for a ‘in’ vote in EU referendum but lays down challenges for political parties

15th April 2016

“The recent experience of our members of the workings of the European Union has been mixed to say the least. EU-wide austerity and the behaviour of key institutions during the debt crisis, some poor ECJ judgments undermining workers’ rights and the approach to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership are all matters of enormous concern. Far too much of this debate has been captured by the right wing, trading petty prejudices at the expense of a proper discourse.

STUC will support workers undertaking peaceful direct action against companies which discriminate against young workers & use zero hours contracts.

15th April 2016

Young workers from the >zero campaign will today visit Dundee as Congress is expected to affirm its support for the new and imaginative campaigns aimed at bad employers in the non-unitised sector.

STUC on Scottish Parliament Elections

15th April 2016

On Monday morning (12.20 hrs 18 April), STUC General Secretary Grahame Smith will call on political leaders to raise their game and to offer the people of Scotland bold, ambitious polices to address some of the hitherto intractable challenges facing the Scottish economy and society.

STUC supported ‘Better than Zero’ campaign targets National Living Wage discriminators and issues warning that it will shame those who don’t extend the wage to under 25s.

31st March 2016

The STUC supported Better than Zero campaign will take to the streets of Glasgow (Thursday 31 March at 7.30pm) to highlight companies which have stated their intention to discriminate against young workers and warn companies who are ‘still deciding their position’ that they will be campaign targets in months to come if they take the wrong decision.

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