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The current crisis in Gaza amounts to genocide. We call for an immediate ceasefire and published a statement at the outset of the invasion of Gaza, condemning the Hamas attack in Israel and the subsequent Israeli response. We are encouraging all affiliated unions to attend and support nationally organised ceasefire demonstrations in Scotland. 

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The STUC supports a peaceful two state solution in Palestine and Israel with Jerusalem as a shared capital. We recognise the right for Israel to exist within pre 1967 boundaries as consistent with International Law. 

The ultimate agreement for co-existence between Israelis and Palestinians is a matter for those peoples and must include a resolution of the ‘right of return’. Essential steps in moving towards peace and equality are: 

  • Returning all lands occupied by Israel in contravention of UN resolutions including withdrawal from illegal settlements 

  • Dismantling the illegal separation wall which explicitly privileges Jews over non-Jews and constitutes a form of apartheid 

  • Repeal of the Nation State Law 

The STUC is highly critical of UK foreign policy on Israel/Palestine and that of its most powerful ally, the US. The STUC condemns all violence against civilians on both sides of the conflict. However, Israeli bears by far the greatest responsibility including through ongoing attacks on Gaza, shooting of Palestinian citizens and the detention of Palestinian children in clear breach of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

The STUC supports a policy of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions until the state of Israel complies with international law. The STUC's BDS resource can be downloaded here

The STUC actively supports trade union solidarity projects including the Scottish Universities Support for Palestinian Students (SUSPS). 

Click here to read our statement on the crisis in Palestine.