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About the STUC

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) is Scotland’s representative trade union body representing 43 affiliate unions and over 550,000 workers in Scotland. Established in 1897 and now led by General Secretary Roz Foyer, the STUC, our purpose is to co-ordinate, develop and articulate the views and policies of the trade union movement in Scotland.

Announcement of a General Election

May 22, 2024: STUC statement on the announcement of a General Election


May 22, 2024: The STUC has today published the latest ‘Public Power League Tables’ showing the progress made by local authorities across Scotland to develop their own energy projects.

Pocket change of Scotland’s ten richest families could fund 10,000 public sector workers.

May 21, 2024: New analysis from the STUC has found that a wealth tax of 2% on Scotland’s ten richest people could fund 10,000 public sector workers.

Economic ‘mountain to climb’ to be Fair Work Nation says STUC

May 14, 2024: The latest labour market figures for Scotland show the Scottish Government have a ‘mountain to climb’ if they are to be a Fair Work Nation by 2025 according to Scotland’s leading trade union body

Resignation of the First Minister

April 29, 2024: Commenting on the resignation of the First Minister, STUC General Secretary Roz Foyer: “We thank the First Minister for his commitment to our movement and for working closely with the STUC to help deliver a fairer, more equal nation.

Social care workers demand return of ‘Missing Millions’

April 24, 2024: Scotland’s largest health and social care unions will protest outside the Scottish Parliament tomorrow to demand the return of the ‘missing millions’ cut from the Scottish Government’s Budget for social care worker

Abandoned and alone: workers ‘left to rot’ during pandemic.

April 23, 2024: Scotland’s health and social care workers were ‘left to rot’ according to Scotland’s leading trade union body as the STUC General Secretary Roz Foyer is set to give evidence in front of the Scottish COVID Inquiry today.

Local government on ‘the brink of collapse’ according to STUC

April 17, 2024: Local government is “on the brink of collapse” according to Scotland’s most senior trade unionist.

‘Hot Air’: STUC Report Exposes £2 Billion Black Hole in Government Green Jobs Ambitions

April 16, 2024: ‘Hot Air’: STUC Report Exposes £2 Billion Black Hole in Government Green Jobs Ambitions

Workers Winning Together: Over £4.4 Billion Won by Unions

April 15, 2024: Figures from STUC reveal successful strike action windfall for workers ahead of STUC Congress.

The time for action on industrial injuries is now

April 12, 2024: The Scottish Parliament are set to debate Mark Griffin MSP’s Employment Injuries Advisory Council (SEIAC) Bill on Thursday 18th April. The debate comes as Scotland’s trade unionists are set to demand (2) the Scottish Government back the Bill the Scottish TUC annual Congress in Dundee next week. 

Mind the Gap: STUC report shows Scotland ‘worst in UK’ for renewable jobs 

March 27, 2024: A new report from Scotland’s largest trade union body has revealed the “unforgiveable” 4,000 total job decrease within Scotland’s renewable energy economy whilst companies raked in an increase of over £4 billion worth of turnover.

Mandelson ‘haunting spectre’ concerning as STUC call for New Deal to be fully implemented

March 25, 2024: Comments from Labour Peer Lord Mandelson have been condemned by Scottish TUC leader Roz Foyer as pressure increases on Labour Party leadership to water down their ‘New Deal for Working People’. 

STUC Comment on Spring UK Budget

March 18, 2024: This isn’t a budget for long-term growth; this was an electioneering budget for the Tories and their support alone. Scotland’s workers should remember this callous approach to their pay packets and public services at the ballot box come the election.

Unions urge Ofcom and Channel 4 to Rethink Regional Production Quota

March 18, 2024: Deep concerns have been raised by Scotland’s largest creative industries unions over Ofcom proposals to allow Channel 4 to allocate 91% of its production budget to projects in England.

National Care Service Bill ‘not fit for purpose’ say unions

February 29, 2024: It beggars belief that, despite repeated warnings to the Scottish Government, Scotland’s social care workers are still in the dark on the basic fundamentals of the new National Care Service.

STUC Comment: Scottish Government Budget 'deeply damaging'

February 28, 2024: The STUC's General Secretary gives her verdict on the Scottish Government's budget.

Trade Unionists and anti-racist campaigners mark one year of fight against local fascists

February 3, 2024: In 2023, nearly 200 asylum seekers were placed in temporary accommodation at the Muthu Hotel in Erskine. Local fascists, first in the form of Patriotic Alternative, later as Homeland, turned up to intimidate the asylum seekers and sow hatred in the community. However, the community came together and fought back.


January 18, 2024: Scotland’s largest trade union body has claimed that years of budget cuts and austerity from government had “lethal” consequences during the COVID pandemic. The news comes as the UK COVID-19 Inquiry gets underway in Edinburgh this week.

STUC comment on the latest ONS labour market figures

January 16, 2024: STUC comment on the latest ONS labour market figures

STUC launch tax proposals to save Scotland’s public services

December 4, 2023: Scotland’s largest trade union body has implored the Scottish Government to “step up for Scotland” as the STUC launches their 2023 tax report showing an extra £3.7 billion could be raised per year using Scotland’s existing powers.

STUC reaction to the UK Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

November 22, 2023: “Don’t be fooled by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Underpinning this statement was a determination that cuts to key public services and workers' livelihoods will bankroll some desperate pre-election giveaways. We cannot be content with scraps from the table. We cannot possibly congratulate the Chancellor for doing what he was shamed into doing on pensions, wages and welfare and then make workers pay the price later down the line via public spending cuts.”

Workers’ pay down £1200 in two years

November 14, 2023: Workers have lost a ‘staggering’ £1200 from their pay packets according to Scotland’s largest trade union body.

Workers win £4bn through industrial action

November 10, 2023: Ahead of a major trade union conference this Saturday, the STUC reveals workers in Scotland have won more than £4 billion in pay and pensions during the cost-of-living crisis.

Workers thrown to the wolves during Covid

October 24, 2023: Workers in Scotland faced an “astonishing” lack of support leading to unnecessary workplace-related deaths according to Scotland’s largest trade union body.

STUC response to First Minister's Council Tax Freeze Announcement

October 18, 2023: “Across Scotland, our public services are in crisis. Local authorities are increasingly strapped for cash and are facing huge budget cuts. Sequential council tax freezes without adequate compensation is one of the key reasons why local services are in such a mess.”

STUC Comments on Latest Pay Figures

October 17, 2023: “Real pay might now be growing but it will take more than two months of pay growth to ease two years of cost-of-living pain. Workers have lost more than £1400 in real terms over the last 24 months, and a couple of pounds extra a week is not going to cut it.”

STUC statement on Israel/Palestine crisis

October 13, 2023: The human suffering of the past week is unimaginable.

STUC comment on the appointment of Satwat Rehman and Prof. Dave Reay as co-chairs of Scotland’s Just Transition Commission

September 28, 2023: “We welcome the newly appointed co-chairs to their role in the Just Transition Commission. With the Scottish Government’s climate targets and job promises being broken, the challenge of building a green economy with decent work and better services for all could not be greater.”

STUC welcomes TUC devolution of employment law pledge

September 11, 2023: Trade unions from across the United Kingdom have backed a motion at the Trades Union Congress’ annual Congress calling for the devolution of employment law to the Scottish Parliament.

Scottish Government Programme for Government

September 6, 2023: “There are welcome elements within the Programme for Government from the First Minister, not least of all the pledge to raise the pay of our early years and social care workers in addition to a Housing Bill to introduce long-term rent controls. Reestablishing the Independent Living Fund and introducing a much-needed, if inadequate, premium council tax on second homes is also welcome. However, we cannot pretend this was the radical, redistributive prospectus Scotland desperately needs.”

Programme For Government Must Be Unashamedly Progressive to Protect Pay & Services

September 4, 2023: Scotland’s largest trade union body has called upon the Scottish Government to be ‘unashamedly’ progressive to protect pay and services as they set out their Programme for Government tomorrow.

New 'Public Power League' reveals local authorities leading the charge on energy

August 31, 2023: The STUC has today published new ‘Public Power League’ showing the progress made by local authorities across Scotland to develop their own energy projects. The league tables, which show Aberdeenshire topping the capacity chart with 226 megawatts of energy, aim to show the progress made by local authorities in creating local municipal energy projects.

STUC Comment - Labour market statistics

August 15, 2023: "Today’s Labour market figures reveal the extent to which working people have been misled by politicians with their hollow promises of economic recovery.”

Workers in Scotland at risk of becoming the poor relation of the UK

August 11, 2023: New analysis from Scotland’s largest trade union body has shown workers in Scotland have suffered the biggest real terms pay cut with wages falling further and faster than the UK average over the last two years.

STUC comment on 13th Note closure threat

July 19, 2023: “This is the mother of all scapegoats from the employer. Staff at the 13th Note have led the way in standing up for their rights, seeking fairer conditions and improvements in health and safety.”

STUC comment on the Scottish Government National Care Service partnership announcement

July 12, 2023: “This partnership agreement is a much needed first step and can be welcomed by unions across the country. This deal is testament to our collective campaigning, ensuring care workers will now remain employed by local authorities and that councils still retain a key role in delivering local care.”

STUC comment on Labour Market Figures showing the 19th month of real wages falling

July 11, 2023: “It’s chronically hollow of well-renumerated Bank of England executives and politicians to be calling for wage restraint for ordinary workers whilst the pay packets of those in finance and business grows.”

Young workers demanding safe home after work

July 1, 2023: Young trade unionists from across Scotland will gather in Glasgow today to demand transport home after their shifts as the Scottish TUC call for ‘Safe Home’ policies be rolled out across the country.

STUC comment on the latest inflation figures

June 26, 2023: “Far from coming down, inflation remains stubbornly high and is eating further into the living standards of ordinary working people across Scotland. The biggest rises continue to hit workers the hardest as food, energy and fuel costs remain eye-wateringly high.”

STUC comment on the announced Labour Party Green Prosperity Plan

June 19, 2023: “The Labour Party’s plans for a publicly owned energy company headquartered in Scotland are welcome.”

STUC comment on the publication of the Scottish Government’s ‘Creating a modern constitution for an Independent Scotland’

June 19, 2023: “Whilst clearly a blueprint and civic Scotland should, rightly, have their say, there are some unfortunate omissions from this prospectus which the Scottish Government would do well to recognise.”

STUC’s LGBT+ Workers to Meet as UK Falls in LGBT+ Rankings

May 26, 2023: LGBT+ workers across Scotland will meet in Clydebank this weekend as shocking new data shows that the UK has fallen in LGBT+ rankings.

Medium Term Financial Strategy: STUC says tax reform cannot be kicked down the road for another year

May 25, 2023: “The Cabinet Secretary for Finance is in a slightly better budgetary position than was predicted this time last year. However, she rightly points out that UK Government austerity and its manufactured cost-of-living crisis continue to hit Scotland hard.”

Positive anti-poverty summit soured by possible roll-back on Free School Meals

May 3, 2023: The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) and the STUC Women’s Committee have warned of massive resistance to any reversal on the SNP free school meals pledge and called for an acceleration, not a roll-back of the programme.

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