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FSB in Scotland and STUC make Joint Call to Scottish Government to Keep Skills in Economy

31st May 2009

Short Term Investment in Wage Subsidy Scheme Could Precipitate Faster Economic Recovery Two of Scotland’s most influential organisations made an unprecedented joint call to the Scottish Government this weekend to seriously consider implementing a wage and training support scheme, similar to a programme already in place in Wales.

Scots reject racism at the ballot box

29th May 2009

Candidates and anti racist campaigners today received a warm reception on the streets of Glasgow as they urged Scottish voters to reject racist politics in next week’s Euro Elections.

Scots urged to reject racism at the ballot box

29th May 2009

Scottish voters are today (Friday 29 May) being urged to reject racist politics in next week’s Euro Elections.

STUC and Scottish Government issue joint communiqué on Climate Change

28th May 2009

At their bi-annual meeting (27 May) the Scottish Government and the STUC agreed a Joint Communiqué on Climate Change.

STUC Outrage at BNP Election Broadcast.

22nd May 2009

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) has today expressed its outrage that the British National Party (BNP) is being given air time to promote its divisive policies of racism and hatred.

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