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Only workers’ collective power will reverse declining wages

18th October 2017

It is sobering news to see Scottish unemployment rise by 0.3% this quarter. While the general trend is for low unemployment, it is a reminder of the problems that still exist in the labour market in Scotland.

Continued rise in inflation will fuel workers determination to secure decent pay rises

17th October 2017

Commenting on today’s news that CPI inflation continues to rise and with RPI inflation at 3.9%, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary said Grahame Smith said:

STUC response to First Minister speech to SNP conference

10th October 2017

Responding to the First Minister’s speech to SNP conference 2017, STUC General Secretary Grahame Smith said: “We will continue to unite with the Scottish Government to press the case for an end to Westminster austerity. The First Minister’s reference to ‘taxation for the general good’ further encourages us to press for the use of all mechanisms, including Scottish income tax-raising powers, to achieve the investment we need.

Public workers look to both governments to take action for fair pay

9th October 2017

Derek Mackay’s commitment to lifting the Scottish Government’s pay cap is an opportunity to make good on their promises to restore living standards for public workers in Scotland, that have declined dramatically over the last decade.

STUC 21st Annual Black Workers’ Conference

6th October 2017

The Scottish Trades Union Congress 21st annual Black Workers’ Conference takes place this weekend (7th – 8th October 2017) in Clydebank, where the major issues affecting black workers in the labour market will be debated by around 60 delegates from affiliated trade unions across Scotland.

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