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Live Decisions of Congress 2024

Throughout Congress you can use these pages to check what motions have been carried or lost, and what motions are still to be debated. Although we endeavour to update the website live throughout Congress, please note that there may be delay in decisions being posted. 

General Council statements will also be posted on here. 

Motions are not debated in numerical order and the running order is subject to change at any point during Congress. You must refer to the latest Order of Business, which will be circulated in the Congress Hall by Tellers following any changes. Copies will also be available to download from here, and available from the STUC Reception in the Caird Hall. 

Motions on similar topics are often composited. Only the composited motions will be shown on here.  

Motions with agreed amendments will only be shown in their amended form. 

Please note that where unagreed amendments are listed with a motion, references to line numbers refer to the motion as printed in the Final Agenda, not as displayed on the website to take account of different devices & display sizes. 

To view the original motions and amendments, as submitted, please refer to the Final Agenda. 

You can download the Final Agenda in PDF format here. 

If Congress agrees to remit a motion, no vote will be taken and the General Council will consider the motion at a future meeting. 

If the mover of a motion is not in the Congress Hall when it is taken, the motion falls. 

How to use this section

You can view all motions, amended motions and composites below, or alternatively click on one of the tags below to only view the relevant motions.

Emergency Motions

The deadline for emergency motions was 3pm on Monday 15th April. 

You can view Emergency Motions that have been accepted as competent by SOC here. 


All Motions, Amended Motions & Composites

Composites are listed first, followed by all motions and amended motions in numerical order. To quickly find a motion on this page, use your browser or device search function.


Emergency Motion 1

Supporting Migrant Workers

Emergency Motion 2

Cuts to Railway Infrastructure Jobs and Services in Scotland