STUC message of support to Tata workers

November 7th 2015

To all Dalzell and Clydebridge workers the STUC sends this message of strong and unwavering support:

Steel is an iconic Scottish product and a commodity we will continue to rely on for the foreseeable future. It is simply unacceptable that Scotland’s last large scale steel mills are at serious risk of closure at a time when both the UK and Scottish Governments promoting growth in manufacturing industry as a key economic priority.

Steel jobs are not under threat because Scottish workers can’t compete with more efficient workplaces abroad. There is no level playing field. If Government really does want to see a flourishing manufacturing sector then let them deliver a level playing field for steel. The least the STUC expects from the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement is strong action on unfair dumping of cheap steel and energy costs.

While the STUC appreciates the range of support being offered by the Scottish Government, we demand that action is squarely aimed at securing a productive future for Dalzell and Clydebridge. All options must be pursued with great vigour and none should be off the table. The Scottish trade union movement as a whole will not accept these closures as inevitable.

The STUC will stand alongside Scotland’s steel workers as you continue to campaign with great passion and dignity to save your jobs; jobs which currently help cement the communities of Lanarkshire. This campaign will resonate with every Scottish worker at risk of losing their jobs due to unfair competition and Government complacency. So the STUC is ready to provide whatever support you require and wishes you every success.

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