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Workers Winning Together: Over £4.4 Billion Won by Unions


Figures from STUC reveal successful strike action windfall for workers ahead of STUC Congress.

Workers have won a “staggering” £4.4 billion in pay and pension settlements over the past 24 months of industrial action according to Scotland’s largest trade union body.

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) revealed the figure ahead of their annual Congress starting in Dundee today. The research from the STUC further revealed that, had workers accepted the initial offers from their employers, they would be worse off to the tune of £3 billion.

STUC Congress, which brings together over 500 attendees from across the Scottish and international trade union movement, looks set to demand further from the Scottish Government on the cost-of-living crisis. With a prospective general election this year, General Secretary of the STUC Roz Foyer said the £4.4 billion total was an indication of “workers leading when politicians failed”.

Foyer further predicted that collective action on pay would continue and that workers would increasingly take action in defence of key public services.

Commenting ahead of Congress, Ms Foyer said:

“During the past two years, unions across the country have secured a staggering amount in pay and pension deals for workers who needed it most.

“Over £4.4 billion was won by our movement, which is £3 billion more than if workers hadn’t collectivised together in their unions and fought for better deals.

“It’s abundantly clear that, as we hurtle towards a general election and, hopefully, a change of UK Government, the voices of our movement have never been so important. It has been those at the front line of our public services that have led the charge, with workers leading when their politicians failed them. 

“It’s not just about pay, it’s about those who use the services we deliver.  As our core public services come under increasing threat from austerity and government inaction, we will see workers coming together to campaign and take action for better funding and support for their vital public services.

“Our Congress, the largest gathering or trade unionists in Scotland, will make clear that we can accept no half-measures from either government. The Scottish Government, or any potential incoming UK Labour Government, must heed the call from our movement and follow where we lead as we campaign for greater workplace rights, protections and funding for our vital public services.  

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