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Live Decisions of Congress 2024

General Council Statement - Assisted Dying

General Council Statement - Assisted Dying (Motion 105)

Congress, the General Council are asking for this motion to be remitted. Many of you will have read Motion 105 with interest.

We recognise that across Scotland there are people with strong views on either side of the debate. And just as many, if not more, who genuinely don’t feel informed enough to decide.

The same goes for our affiliates and their members.

For almost all our affiliates, it is a genuinely a new area of policy, one that unions and trades councils have still to debate. This is a an important, and at times emotive subject, and we believe it needs an informed debate.

As the proposed Bill on assisted dying makes its way through the Scottish Parliament unions, particularly those with members in health and social care, will be asked for their input.

General Council members have asked for time to take this motion back into their own organisations, to research, discuss, debate and finally decide – ensuring that their own democratic structures are fully consulted – for some unions this may involve decisions at a national conference.

We are therefore asking Fife TUC to remit the motion to General Council.