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Workers' Rights

The Tories at Westminster are on a mission to destroy workers rights and destroy trade union freedom.

Promise after promise has been broken to better regulate the labour market to bear down on precarious and low paid work.

If elected in 2024, Labour has promised a New Deal for Workers within the first 100 days of the new Parliament. The New Deal promises, among other things, employment rights from Day 1; the banning of zero hours contracts; and the scrapping of the Strikes (Minimum Services) Act which restricts the democratic rights of millions of workers to undertake industrial action.

The STUC is pressing for Labour to resist pressure from the business lobby to water down its proposals.

Devolution of Employment Law

The STUC supports the devolution of employment law to Scotland. This position is supported by the TUC, the Scottish Government and Scottish Labour.

Devolution of additional powers, similar to those held in Northern Ireland, would allow the strengthening of employment, health and safety and aspects of equalities to match Scotland’s particular economic, social and political circumstances.