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Since the revolution in 1959, Cuba has faced huge economic challenges due to the blockade imposed by the US government. 

Although the economic aspect is central, the effects of the blockade are wide-reaching, encompassing health, education, access to basic provisions as well as sports and culture. 

Children’s hospitals face obstacles when it comes to acquiring specialist materials suitable for small children, most of which come from the US. 

Additionally, food shortages blight the island and access to supplies can be difficult. 

Despite it’s hardships, Cuba continues to be an example of a society where people are put before profit, and where medical treatment is internationally renowned. 

The STUC has campaigned for the release of the Miami Five, and continues to campaign for better relations between Cuba and the US. 

In June 2023, the STUC General Council met with Cuban Ambassador Speaker Cuban Ambassador Barbara Montalvo Alvarez to reaffirm our support for Cuba. 

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The STUC continues to support the work of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign and in Scotland with the Scottish Cuba Solidarity Campaign (Facebook page)  

Young Trade Unionists’ May Day Brigade Cuba

Young Trade Unionists’ May Day Brigade / Credit: Cuba Solidarity Campaign