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Cost of Living

For too many workers across Scotland, the Cost-of-Living-Crisis is not new, but decades old. The average worker’s wage has fallen in real terms since 2010. Meanwhile the richest have got richer with assets and property compared to wages continuing to increase as a proportion of national wealth.

The STUC supports a two-pronged strategy of supporting affiliates’ industrial action to boost wages as well as increased taxes on wealth to rebalance income and invest in public services. We support a windfall levy on major companies, including energy companies to mitigate the Cost-of-Living-Crisis and invest in the Just Transition. We also support the devolution of further tax powers to Scotland.

Current Industrial Action in Scotland

EIS/FELA Further Education Pay Campaign

TSSA Scotrail On Call Working Arrangements

Unite at SQA


Scotland Demands Better

We are calling for root and branch tax reform in Scotland including an immediate Domestic Rates Revaluation to bring about the end of the unfair Council Tax as well as laying the groundwork for introducing proportionate property and wealth taxes. We support higher taxation for high income earners and were successful in persuading the Scottish Government to act in its 2024-2025 budget. Download our report into tax reform here.

Our overall approach is supported by a wide range of civil society, anti-poverty and thinktank organisations. We recently wrote jointly to Scotland’s party political leaders calling on them to work together to agree a swift process for a Domestic Rates Revaluation. Read our join letter on the urgent need for revaluation here. 

Local Government in Crisis

Councils have been particularly hard hit over the past 12 years, with funding from UK and Scottish Governments falling in comparison with most other public sector bodies. The crisis is also clear in proposed spending and job cuts for Joint Health and Social Care Integration Boards and in Education. Local trades council and council union branches are campaigning against the cuts. Contact your local Trades Council to see what is happening in your area.