STUC Welcomes Scottish Parliament Blacklisting Debate

May 2nd 2013

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) has welcomed today’s Scottish Parliament debate on blacklisting being moved by Neil Findlay MSP for Lothian.

Ahead of the debate Grahame Smith STUC General Secretary said

“The ongoing and very welcome inquiry by the Scottish Affairs Committee has unravelled the hideous practice where employers, over a number of years, have denied individuals jobs purely on the basis of trade union activity and wanting to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for themselves and colleagues.

“We welcome the efforts of Neil Findlay MSP in securing this debate and hopefully we can begin to establish a more accurate assessment of the extent on the problem in Scotland.

“The Consulting Association, the company who operated this database on behalf of many large construction companies, has thankfully been shut down, but investigations reveal that around 520 Scottish workers were on this blacklist.

“However, we believe this figure could be much greater as this was the only documented blacklist and our fear is that other workers may have suffered similar treatment without knowing they were being discriminated against.

“We will continue to support the work of Neil Findlay MSP and the Scottish Affairs Committee and urge the Scottish Government to ensure that these companies are held to account.

“This can be done by ensuring that no publicly funded contracts are awarded to companies who have participated in blacklisting and the United Kingdom Government should ensure that adequate sanctions exist to punish those who illegally denied any workers a living”.


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