Chair of the STUC Women’s Committee attacks Government’s austerity programme at TUC Conference

March 15th 2013

Addressing the Annual TUC Women’s Conference in London today, Eileen Dinning, UNISON and Chair of the STUC Women’s Committee, said:

“The Scottish TUC represents over 300,000 trade union women in Scotland.

"Increasingly, women are the majority in many of our affiliates, in some cases 60-70%. The majority are low paid. Many are struggling under this Government’s austerity programme, or let’s call it what it really is – a direct attack on the poor, a protection racket for the rich and outright contempt for working people.

"We need to be clear that women’s employment is crucial and that women’s representation can play a big part in making that a reality. Last year, and working with the Scottish Government, we participated in a successful Women’s Employment Summit. This flagged up the priorities that we all should share. We want to see real investment in state-funded childcare provision, including investing in the workforce in the sector; a Government that will challenge the increased casualisation of the labour market; and we will work with the TUC in highlighting the experiences and challenges for women over 50 in the labour market.

"We are witnessing an increasingly female dominated trade union movement. We need to respond to that and give women hope.”


Note to Editors:

  1. TUC Women’s Conference brings together 240 delegates from all over the UK, from every sector. This is the final day of the Conference.

  2. Today’s focus is on women over 50 in the labour market.

  3. Eileen Dinning is Chair of the STUC Women’s Committee, and UNISON Scotland’s Equality Officer. Contact

  4. For more information contact Ann Henderson, Assistant Secretary, and Secretary to the STUC Women’s Committee, on 0141 337 8100.

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