STUC Welcomes Scottish Affairs Select Committee Report on Blacklisting

April 16th 2013

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) has welcomed the Scottish Affairs Select Committees Report on Blacklisting and calls on all who were involved in operating blacklisting to face criminal investigation and sanction if proved guilty.

Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said,

“This report is very welcome coming ahead of the Congress debate on blacklisting and is damning on the behaviour of those who participated in this practice. It is clear that there has been a conspiracy by construction companies, a highly secret conspiracy that destroyed the lives of an untold amount of Scottish workers.

“Deliberate attempts have been made to destroy evidence to reduce the chances of employers being caught and we may never know the real extent of the number of Scottish workers harmed by this abhorrent practice.

“Our concern is that the only reason this practice has stopped is that the companies operating the practice were caught red handed following the raid on the offices of The Consulting Association.

“It is time for all involved in any criminal activity to be held to account, it is not a defence to argue that individuals were acting on instructions of others.

“This report appears to see through many of the spurious arguments being put forward to justify their behaviour and welcome the intentions of the Committee to continue with their work.

“We have to ensure companies found guilty of illegal blacklisting do not profit from public sector contracts and procurement practices at all levels of Government should be reviewed as a matter of urgency.”


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