Women and work – STUC demands good quality jobs, not zero hours and less pay

April 17th 2013

Speaking at STUC Congress today, Eileen Dinning, Equalities Officer UNISON Scotland, highlighted the pressures on women in the workforce

“Women are struggling under the Coalition Government’s austerity programme.

According to the 2011 Workplace Employment Relations Study zero hours contracts are on the increase. Thousands more workers are now in jobs without any guarantee of regular hours or regular wages. More than half of these are women.

Tackling child poverty means tackling women’s poverty. The STUC Women’s Committee will continue to argue for secure well paid employment for all.

Women are present in increasing numbers in our conferences and in the trade union movement. We will speak up for them, and give them hope for the future”


Notes to Editors

  1. The 2011 Workplace Employment Relations Study found that the proportion of firms with some workers on zero-hours contracts rose from 11% in 2004 to 23% in 2011. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-2011-workplace-employment-relations-study-wers

  2. The Office of National Statistics found that the number of workers in jobs without any guarantee of regular hours or pay reached 200, 000 in the final quarter of 2012 – 40,000 more than the same quarter in 2011. http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/index.html

  3. Eileen Dinning’s full speech to Congress can be downloaded here

  4. Contact Ann Henderson, Assistant Secretary ahenderson@stuc.org.uk 0141 337 8100

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