STUC calls for repeal of ‘Bedroom Tax’

April 18th 2013

As local authorities across Scotland respond to widespread community campaigning against the so-called “Bedroom Tax”, STUC Congress today called for the Coalition Government to change course.

Trades Union Councils and trade unions across Scotland have joined forces with communities in this campaign.

An emergency motion today calls for the repeal of the legislation, but also calls on local authorities and other housing providers to adopt no evictions policies.

Speaking for the STUC General Council, Lesley McCallum, said:

“The STUC’s ‘There is a Better Way’ Campaign continues to bring trade unions and communities together across Scotland, voicing opposition to injustice. The Bedroom Tax is a shocking policy from a Government that doesn’t care who suffers. The STUC commends those local authorities that have already committed to a ‘no evictions’ policy for their own tenants, such as Edinburgh City Council, where the Labour, SNP and Green parties have adopted this position.

“Cross party alliances, along with trade union and community campaigns, can defend the most vulnerable in our society.”

Following on from the meeting of the City of Edinburgh Council Corporate Policy and Strategy Committee on Tuesday 16 April 2013, Des Loughney, Secretary of the Edinburgh Trades Union Council, said:

“Edinburgh Trades Union Council welcomes the decision of the City of Edinburgh Council to renounce the possible eviction of tenants who are victims of the Bedroom Tax. We welcome the Council’s determination, on behalf of the whole City, to support these tenants and to campaign for the repeal of the discriminatory Bedroom Tax regulations.”


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