STUC on Scotland’s Future

June 20th 2012

Responding to the UK Government announcement today to undertake a programme of work to inform and support the debate on Scotland's future within the UK, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary Grahame Smith said

"The initiative announced today by the Secretary of State should be welcomed if it is a genuine attempt to inform debate in the run up to the Referendum and not an elaborate propaganda exercise.

"The STUC is about to embark on an intense programme of engagement with union members and our civic partners which will focus on our vision for an economically and socially just Scotland and the constitutional arrangements most appropriate to realise it.

"In the coming months we will press the UK Government to respond to the views that emerge from our members and to ensure that any information it provides on the benefits of the UK adequately addresses the questions people want answered before they vote. The same goes for the advocates of Independence and enhanced Devolution.

"Meantime, to clear the way for a properly informed debate on the real issues, both Governments must put aside their differences and agree a process for the Referendum that will allow a definitive answer on Scotland's constitutional future to be determined."


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