STUC Comment in advance of 'Young People and Economic Growth' debate

June 14th 2012

In advance of this afternoon’s Scottish Parliament debate on Young People and Economic Growth, Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said:

“The provision of quality skills training to young people in and out of work is an issue of critical importance to Scotland’s economic future but it is also one that has become worryingly politicised. The apparently endless auction of virtue between Scotland’s main political parties on apprenticeship numbers narrows the debate and raises false hopes and expectations.

“Youth unemployment should not and cannot be dealt with in this way. The approach needs to be much longer-term and involve Government, industry and unions working much more closely together as is in the norm in world leading vocational skills systems such as Germany. It is essential that workforce development, training and upskilling become central to a strategy focused on creating opportunities for all Scotland’s young people”.


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