STUC Anger at Latest Attack on Workers Rights

May 22nd 2012

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) has reacted angrily at the latest plans by the coalition Government to attack the employment rights of United Kingdom Workers.

Grahame Smith STUC General Secretary said

“Once again the Government is proposing changes to legislation that affect the rights of people to be treated fairly at work and undermine the efforts of trade unions to protect their members and to provide fairer working conditions for all.

“They have already changed the qualification period for unfair dismissal to two years, are proposing to charge fees for lodging claims at employment tribunals and now believe that employment rights should be further eroded.

“This Government can no longer claim that we are all in this together because clearly they have no interest in workers being treated fairly at work. The report from Adrian Beecroft, a Conservative Party supporting venture capitalist, is quite clearly causing their coalition partners some difficulty.

“It is not acceptable that public policy is being decided in such a shambolic fashion and we should also remind ourselves that, in the past, the Government have ignored truly independent reports into health and safety regulations and lay member involvement in employment tribunals.

“The Government should ignore the content of this report but unfortunately this attack fits perfectly with the Conservative Party right wing ideology on stripping workplace protections from employees.


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