STUC comment on TUC overtime statistics

December 22nd 2011

‘Paid overtime down by a quarter from pre-recession peak’

Commenting on today’s TUC statistics STUC General Secretary Grahame Smith said:

“These figures represent mixed news for Scotland.

“The bad news is that 111,000 Scots are working less paid overtime since 2007. This is far higher figure than anywhere else across the UK. The majority of the 111,000 will be really need the additional income such work brings.

“Our fear is that with unpaid overtime increasing, the workload of Scots is not reducing, but their pay is. That’s bad news for them and bad news for the economy.

“The slightly better news for Scotland is that, with the decrease in overall paid overtime affecting a larger number of Scots, there may be an extent to which the pain is being shared more evenly than in other parts of Britain.”


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