Campbell Christie

October 28th 2011

Campbell Christie

The Scottish Trades Union Congress is deeply saddened at the passing of former STUC General Secretary Campbell Christie. Campbell served as General Secretary from 1986 to 1998.

In a statement, current STUC General Secretary, Grahame Smith said

“Campbell Christie was one of Scotland’s most outstanding trade union and civic leaders. He led the Scottish TUC through the 1980’s and ‘90s, some of the most challenging times for Scottish industry and Scottish workers with tremendous skill and passion gaining respect for himself and the STUC from across the industrial and political spectrum.

“Campbell was comfortable on the shop floor and in the boardroom. He was never afraid of taking the difficult decision, even if he knew it might upset others in the Labour movement. He always saw the bigger picture. Whether it was the myriad of campaigns for jobs, in support of manufacturing or public services or in opposition to the imposition of the poll tax, Campbell’s overwhelming objective was always to place the STUC and the unions at the heart of Scottish industrial and political life.

“Under Campbell’s stewardship the STUC rose above the exclusion of unions from the ‘corridors of power’ and forged relationships across Scottish society which galvanised opposition to the brutal policies of Thatcher and Major Governments’. Those relationships remain in place today.

“He was a passionate advocate of Scottish Home Rule committed, not only to seeing the re-establishment of the Scottish Parliament, but to it being Parliament with a progressive purpose, accessible to, and working for the people. While politicians take credit for Devolution, the role played by Campbell Christie and others in civil Scotland was equally important.

“His influence reached way beyond the STUC. He was a prominent figure in the social partnership structures of the EU, in the international peace movement, he was active in voluntary and community organisations and of course while Chair of the Board of Falkirk Football Club, the team enjoyed a run in the Premier League and reached the Scottish Cup Final, something in which he took great delight. That he remained involved in public life until recently, leading with distinction the Commission on the Future of Public Services, says everything about Campbell.

“He was a tremendous ambassador for the trade union movement and for Scotland bringing genuine strength of feeling and commitment to everything in which he was involved.

“Our thoughts are very much with his wife Betty and his family at this difficult time.”


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