STUC on Labour Market Statistics

October 12th 2011

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Commenting on today’s ONS figures which show a rise in unemployment and a very significant fall in employment, Grahame Smith, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary said:

“Today’s figures suggest that the STUC has been correct to argue that the tentative improvement in the Scottish labour market over the last few months would not be sustained.

“The rising unemployment and falling employment confirmed today will only exacerbate the trends in the Scottish labour market that the STUC has consistently highlighted over the past year: youth unemployment, women’s unemployment, underemployment and high claimant to vacancy ratios.

“Due to the coalition government’s economic policies, the UK and Scottish economies seem doomed to a prolonged period of stagnation and high unemployment. There is no sign of the Chancellor’s much vaunted private investment boom to compensate for the effects of public spending cuts and a worsening global outlook.

“The economic and social costs of the coalition’s disastrous, highly ideological economic agenda will be with us for decades to come”.


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