STUC on new unemployment statistics

August 17th 2011

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Reacting to publication of the latest set of labour market statistics for Scotland, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary Grahame Smith said:

“The STUC has argued that the weak labour market recovery in Scotland through 2011 could not be sustained and, unfortunately, today’s statistics prove us correct.

“The two major concerns are the sharp rise in people claiming JSA in the month to July and the surge in ‘underemployment’. With minimal growth in the economy over the last 9 months, steeply declining real incomes, collapsing consumer confidence, austerity spreading across key export markets and public spending cuts just beginning to bite, the prospects for the Scottish labour market are grim.

“Scotland will pay the economic and social costs of high unemployment for years to come. At a time when Government has the ability to borrow at historically low prices, it is surely time for the coalition to revisit its economic plans and embark on a programme of investment to boost jobs, growth and the long-term productive capacity of the economy”.


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