SNP priorities - warm words but freezes are not helping

May 26th 2011

Following the First Minister’s statement Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary Grahame Smith said

“There is a great deal to like about the First Minister’s language and ambition and the STUC looks forward to working with the newly elected government to help make the words a reality. However the ‘social wage’ idea sitting at the heart of these priorities requires further development in order to meet the First Minister’s aspirations.

“All must recognise that the ‘social wage’ approach currently offers more to a rich person in a big house than someone who is unemployed and on benefits; such a person gets nothing from a Council Tax freeze but still has to face rising inflation and cuts in the vital public services.

“The proposed public sector pay freeze means thousands of public service workers who earn less than the average wage will lose up to £1000 in real terms next year – that is twenty times as much as they will save on average through the Council Tax freeze. We will fight against a year on year pay freeze, because if implemented, the situation will steadily worsen with real terms loss of well over £2000 for many by 2015.”

“For three decades and more, the Scottish economy has failed to generate sufficient good jobs to underpin a thriving society. All too often public money has supported vulnerable, minimum wage employment and outsourcing continues to threaten the living standards of many. Therefore, economic security and the social wage are to truly resonate with the Scottish people, the unrelenting focus of this Government must be on maximising quality sustainable job opportunities for the people of Scotland”.


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