STUC support for Egyptian Protestors

February 7th 2011

Statement in support of Egyptian Protestors

The Scottish Trade Union Congress (STUC) express its solidarity with the progressive forces in Egypt struggling against dictatorship and for the transition to democracy . The trade union movement in Scotland has a long tradition of offering solidarity to people across the world who fight for the fundamental right to choose their own political and economic system. We commend the determination and the bravery of those who have made their voices heard in Tahrir square in recent days and call for a peaceful and swift transition to democracy.

We have seen recently the formation of a new trade union centre in Egypt which brings together unions which were set up in workplaces across the country but never recognised by Mubarak’s regime. The STUC joins with the International Trade Union Confederation in welcoming this new trade union centre and in giving its support to strike or other peaceful actions that the Unions in Egypt deem appropriate to achieve the change they rightfully seek.

The STUC condemns the violent response of the Mubarak regime to the legitimate protest of the Egyptian people and the pressure that the regime is putting on workers, particularly those employed by the Government, to turn against the protestors. Mubarak must stand down now and allow the will of the people to choose their Government without external interference from whatever source, to be done

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