Trade Union Council of the Isles warnings on UK and Irish Governments economic policy

February 2nd 2011

Agreed Statement

The Trade Union Council of the Isles, which consists of the Irish Congress of Trades Unions, the Scottish TUC, the TUC and the Wales TUC, have come together to warn against the dangerously irresponsible and highly ideological approach to economic policy taken by the UK Government and the Government of the Irish Republic. The Council is deeply concerned that, as a consequence, unemployment in the UK and in Ireland will increase in the coming year and will remain high for much longer than necessary.

The Council believes that in their haste to prioritise immediate and deep cuts in public expenditure over job creation, fair taxation and reform of the finance sector, the Governments of the UK and the Irish Republic have failed to set out a credible strategy for economic recovery and future sustainable growth.

The Council therefore agrees that the respective trade union centres will:

  • continue to work together as they develop their campaigns for a trade union alternative to the reckless and ideological approach of the Governments of the UK and the Irish Republic;
  • work to build support for the TUC Demonstration in London on 26 March 2011;
  • work together to build trade union membership and organisation;
  • work together to encourage the Devolved Administrations in the UK to collaborate in emphasising to the UK Government their continued opposition to its approach to the economy and for action to create jobs and support the unemployed into work;
  • write a joint letter to the UK Prime Minister and the Irish Taoiseach urging their Governments, as a matter of urgency, to give much higher priority to pursuing tighter regulation of their domestic financial sector and the international financial system; the elimination of off-shore tax havens and the introduction of a Financial Transitions Tax and for job creation and the reduction of unemployment to be the priority of concerted international economic co-operation.

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