STUC on ‘Business leaders’ support for Coalition cuts

October 18th 2010

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Commenting on the letter published in today’s Telegraph from 35 ‘business leaders’ in support of the Coalition’s spending plans, Grahame Smith, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary said:

“This letter provides an object lesson on why business people should pause for reflection before commenting on macroeconomic issues they either do not understand or wilfully misunderstand. They seem unable to grasp that a country is not a company. The economics of this letter are as puerile as the partisanship is blatant.

“Of course, it can safely be assumed that none of the signatories actually use the public services which will be decimated as a result of Wednesday’s Spending Review. They use their vast wealth to pay for private education and health services and those with access to chauffeur driven cars don’t have to worry about public transport.

“It is a sign of desperation that a small, unrepresentative sample of the ‘business community’ including a disproportionate number of minimum wage retailers feels the need to publicly support the Coalition’s spending plans.

“Given their concern about the public finances, are any of the signatories prepared to make a public commitment to re-examine their personal and company tax affairs to confirm that the UK Exchequer is receiving every penny it is due?”


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