STUC on the Browne review of higher education funding and student finance

October 12th 2010

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Commenting on the release of the Browne review of higher education funding and student finance, Grahame Smith, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary said:

“It is disappointing to see the Browne review’s recommendations focusing on raising tuition fees. After a long review period and carte blanche to consider imaginative ways to fund higher education we see Lord Browne coming back to the same tired ideas.

“University level education produces the skilled workers that are essential to grow our economy but we fear that these proposals will act as a disincentive for many talented young people from low and middle income households. It is unacceptable that policy decisions taken at Government level should discourage university applications and therefore fail to produce the highly skilled workforce this country needs.

“The STUC is now looking to the Scottish Government to resist pressure to go down this route of ever increasing tuition fees and to find a robust and uniquely Scottish solution to the question of student finance.”


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