STUC on Devolved Administrations Joint Declaration on the Spending Review

October 7th 2010

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Commenting on the Devolved Administrations Joint Declaration on the Spending Review, Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said:

“The STUC enthusiastically welcomes this important declaration; we are delighted that the devolved administrations have responded so positively to the call that we and our sister trade union centres made for them to collaborate in putting the case to the UK about the consequences of its deficit reduction plans.

“As the consequences of the coalition’s economic policies start to be revealed through the attack on child benefit and stream of negative economic survey evidence, this declaration represents yet another challenge to the their view that ‘there is no alternative’.

“David Cameron might enjoy invoking the spirit of Thatcher by telling us he’s not for turning, but the STUC believes he must do the right thing now before millions of families and communities needlessly suffer”.


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