STUC on Liam Fox’s snub to the defence workforce

September 30th 2010


Commenting on the decision by Liam Fox to exclude trade unions from tomorrow’s meeting to discuss the Scottish cross party submission to the Defence Review, Grahame Smith said:

“The Defence Secretary’s decision to exclude trade unions from tomorrow’s meeting amounts to a disgraceful and brazen snub to a loyal, dedicated and highly productive workforce whose aim was simply to contribute to a mature discussion about the future of their jobs.

“It is outrageous that no-one from the MoD has had the courtesy to contact union representatives directly. All we have heard about our exclusion from this meeting has come through third parties.

“At our constructive meeting on 14 September, the leaders of Scotland’s four main parties were all positive about trade union participation in the meeting with Mr Fox. It appears that the MoD refused to countenance the idea for reasons which are clear to no-one. Workers in defence industries may legitimately conclude that their employer, the Defence Secretary and his Department, cares nothing about their interests or views.

“The STUC is seriously concerned that key issues around skills, apprenticeships, supply chain impacts, R&D spillovers and defence strategy will be inadequately addressed due to the lack of trade union participation”.


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