Humanitarian Crisis in Pakistan

August 5th 2010

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Support for Humanitarian Aid in Pakistan

As you will have seen in the news reports in recent days, Pakistan has been hit by heavy monsoon rains, resulting in severe flooding which has caused widespread devastation. Reports indicate that over 1,400 have been killed with a further 3 million people who are desperately in need of help.

The main Scottish aid agencies are active in the area and are working hard to provide immediate food, water, shelter and medical supplies. Their resources are stretched and they are looking for your support. The most effective way to help is through donation. The UK Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) has launched an appeal and a subsequent appeal, to generate additional publicity, will be launched by the DEC Scotland today.

The Scottish Government backs the DEC appeal and is considering how best to assist the Scottish aid agencies who are working on the relief efforts in Pakistan. Your help is also needed. Donations can be made by telephone, post, text message, at banks or post offices and online. For full details, including a list of the agencies working in the affected areas, visit:

Disasters Emergency Committee –

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