STUC on plans for new coal plant at Hunterston

July 5th 2010

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) firmly believes that clean coal technology, in which Scotland is strong, is an essential part of a future, low-carbon energy mix, both nationally and globally.

So long as the Hunterston proposals conform to the highest prevailing standards at every stage, they can play an important part in meeting Scotland's energy needs.

As we said when this proposal was first put forward, we believe that Scotland needs new generation from all sources - renewables, nuclear and clean coal - if we are going to meet the energy challenges of coming decades.

We also cannot ignore the prospect of 1600 jobs during the construction phase and 160 on a permanent basis in a part of Scotland which suffers from above-average unemployment. It is also essential that, for environmental and economic reasons, the development uses indigenous Scottish coal, thereby supporting other Scottish jobs and communities.

The STUC hopes that the Scottish Government will give this proposal serious consideration.


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