Dole claimants outnumber vacancies in every local authority in Scotland

June 15th 2010

Commenting on the latest figures for Scotland comparing the numbers of people claiming jobseekers allowance to the number of vacancies advertised in job centre plus Grahame Smith, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary said:

“These figures show that for many people finding work is already an uphill battle. In some of our poorest communities job seekers now outnumber jobs nearly 30 to 1.

“Coming just weeks after the Government’s shameful decision to axe the future jobs fund a scheme that was offering unemployed people, mainly the young, the chance of a real job with a training element, paid to at least the minimum wage, these figures show how bleak the picture looks for unemployed people in Scotland.

“They also underline just how irresponsible it would be if the emergency budget on 22 June embarks on the widely trailed programme of public spending cuts. It would also be counter-productive on the Chancellors own terms with spending cuts likely to increase the deficit as wages and demand fall, taxation revenues decrease and social spending rises.

“The right choices taken now could help embed the recovery from recession; ensuring it becomes strong and sustainable. The wrong choices could tip the economy back into recession or condemn the UK to years of stagnation and high unemployment.”


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