STUC publishes Budget for Rebuilding Collective Prosperity

December 1st 2009

STUC today published it’s submission to the Treasury in advance of Pre-Budget Report 2009

It does so in the wake of the news that the UK manufacturing sector suffered an unexpected slowdown in activity last month raising fresh doubts about claims of an economic recovery.

STUC’s budget calls for the Government to introduce a stimulus package of some £20bn or 1.5% of GDP which STUC believes should be spent on a range of measures that will help boost the economy, keep workers employed and address economic inequality and insecurity. These include calls to:

· Introduce a short-time wage/training subsidy

· Extend the Future Jobs Fund

· Increase out of work benefits and tax credits

· Reverse the proposed cuts in public service spending

· Invest in a public works programme focused on house building and investment in green jobs

Grahame Smith, General Secretary said:

“The most pressing economic need we face is to get Britain working again through targeted measures to stimulate demand, tackle youth unemployment and create jobs. A proper stimulus package now can ensure that manufacturing recovers more quickly, real investment can take place in Green jobs and that vital public services are protected.

“In the medium to long term we can tackle the deficit through a combination of growth and fair taxation.”


a copy of the STUC submission can be downloaded here

For further information call

Dave Moxham t0141 337 8100

Stephen Boyd t0141 337 8100

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