STUC call for Scottish Budget for Jobs – as monthly unemployment figures are published

November 11th 2009

Addressing the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) annual Women’s conference in the Caird Hall Dundee today, STUC General Secretary, Grahame Smith, in a wide ranging speech will call on the Scottish Government to abandon its strategy of council tax freezes and small business tax cuts and pursue a more focused strategy which is designed to protect jobs, support growth, and cut poverty as detailed in the STUC budget submission to the Scottish government.

In his speech Grahame Smith will also call on the Scottish Government to support the ‘Living Wage’ campaign for better pay and dignity for the low paid.

He will say:

“The STUC’s is a living wage budget. It is a budget for jobs – to retain and create them. It is a budget for services – to help people through tough times. It is a budget that abandons the unaffordable, ineffective tax cutting manifesto bribes of the SNP administration in favour of measures that will help rebuild our collective prosperity.”

Smith will also respond to the publication of this month’s unemployment figures this morning.


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