Rise of the BNP tops STUC Black Workers’ Conference Agenda in Glasgow

October 2nd 2009

The BNP and campaigning against racism will be at the top of the agenda when the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) Black Workers’ Conference meets in Glasgow this weekend. The two day conference will be attended by black trade unionists from across Scotland and other organisations with an interest in combating racism and xenophobia.

Speaking before the conference Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary, said

“With the next general election quickly approaching the STUC will ensure, in the light of increased BNP activity following the European Parliament elections, that combating racism and discrimination are high on the political agenda.

“The conference will also discuss a wide range of issues affecting black workers in Scotland including racial abuse at work, fairness at work, Government policy on asylum seekers and the recruitment of black workers into trade unions.

“This Conference is a vital platform to address the challenges faces by black workers, both in the workplace and in society.”


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