Calman proposals represent a significant enhancement of the devolution settlement – STUC

June 15th 2009

Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary Grahame Smith gave an early welcome to the Commission’s findings.

“We will of course examine the sixty-eight proposals in detail, however, it is already clear that the Commission has gone about its business in some detail and with open minds.

“The proposals on income tax and a number of smaller taxes represent a major shift for Holyrood in terms of both fiscal power and financial accountability. The STUC has also long argued for an extension of the Scottish Parliament’s borrowing powers and is delighted to see this included in the proposals.

“The Commission is right to put forward proposals to put Scottish/UK inter-governmental relations on a more formal footing and there are a range of recommendations to promote better joint working in areas such as Health and Safety and Broadcasting. The STUC is also pleased that in devolved policy areas such as the welfare of children, the potential conflicts with reserved powers – such as immigration – have been recognised."


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