Petition 1231 demonstrates united approach for fairer voluntary sector funding

March 16th 2009

Petition 1231 demonstrates united approach for fairer voluntary sector funding

Representatives of Scotland's voluntary sector organisations and unions will come together today (Tuesday 17th March) to continue their campaign for a new approach to voluntary sector funding, to increase stability, maintain quality of service provision and improve employment conditions for frontline staff in the sector.

Representatives of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO), Community Care Providers Scotland (CCPS) and the UNISON and UNITE unions will today give evidence to the Scottish Parliament's Petitions Committee in support of their joint petition PE1231 which has attracted thousands of signatures from staff and service users in the sector. The petition which is also supported by the Scottish trades Union Congress (STUC) calls on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to demonstrate support for the voluntary sector by working with their partners to agree a national framework for public service contracts based on the Fair Funding Statement agreed by SCVO, CCPS, STUC, UNITE and UNISON in 2007.

The Fair Funding Statement calls for minimum five year contracts for third sector providers, for new guidance on Best Value and procurement and for a commitment to fund wages and conditions of employment for third sector front line service workers at the same level as comparable workers in the public sector.

CCPS Director Annie Gunner Logan said: "Figures show that up to eighty per cent of service providers in the voluntary sector are now running services at a deficit, and they are under significant pressure to reduce their costs even further as their services are exposed to more and more competitive tendering. We need to develop a framework which will ensure that funding for services adequately reflects the importance of recruiting and retaining the competent, confident, trained and qualified staff that quality public services require."

STUC Deputy General Secretary Dave Moxham said: "This coming together of all those who are committed to high quality service and care places the ball firmly in the court of Scottish and local government. We are saying that whatever the efforts of employers, staff and volunteers, without a fair funding framework both the quality of services and pay for those who provide them will suffer. It is time for Government to act to protect the sector."


For further details contact Dave Moxham Deputy General Secretary STUC
0141 337 8100

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