STUC Statement on Programme for Government

September 3rd 2019

Responding to the Programme for Government, STUC General Secretary Grahame Smith said:

“The programme for government is understandably focused on Brexit, the climate emergency and the need to tackle poverty and inequality. These are the right priorities and there is much in the Programme for Government to commend. Ambitious targets and increased investment to deliver a just transition to a low carbon economy alongside measures to tackle poverty and inequality are welcome.

“If Scotland is to ‘design, develop and manufacture the key innovations of the future’, as the First Minister stated, then we need more than targets. The current market approach to decarbonisation has failed. To be worthy of the name of a Green New Deal, there is a need to consider the role of publicly owned energy, transport and construction companies – something the programme for Government had very little to say on.

“We welcome the announcement on the bringing forward of the date for the first Scottish Child Payments to Christmas 2020. Tackling poverty and inequality will be major campaign theme for the STUC over the coming years. We will require significant and sustained intervention at both UK and Scottish government levels to address these issues.

“We also hope the Scottish Government will give serious consideration to introducing rent caps as highlighted by Labour leader Richard Leonard during the debate.”

For more information, please contact Rachel Thomson, Campaigns & Communications Officer on 07974966227/ or Dave Moxham, Deputy General Secretary on 07891026870/

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