STUC statement on Boris Johnson's appointment as Prime Minister

July 23rd 2019

STUC statement on Boris Johnson's appointment as Prime Minister

Grahame Smith, General Secretary of the Scottish Trades Union Congress states:

“Boris Johnson’s appointment as UK Prime comes at a time when his party commands the support of barely a quarter of voters in the UK. It is unclear whether he has the support of a majority in the parliament. A Johnson premiership is opposed by the vast majority of Scots, even his own party in Scotland can barely contain their horror.

Johnson’s politics are a product of privilege. He lives in a world which is far distant from the harsh economic realities of the wider population.

As well as representing a very real threat of crashing us out of Europe with a no-deal Brexit, a Johnson premiership will presage continuing austerity, the hostile environment policy and attacks on workers’ rights. But he feeds off the very conditions his class have created.

Now, more than ever we need a general election. Alongside this, trade unions and the wider community will be organising in our workplaces, neighbourhoods and communities to tackle the conditions have which have allowed this current disaster to unfold.”


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