Anti-Slavery Day: STUC highlights role of trade unions in tackling slavery and human trafficking in Scotland

October 18th 2018

As the Scottish Government releases guidance for business on tackling human trafficking and exploitation in Scotland, Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary commented:

“Anti-Slavery day serves as a timely reminder of the hidden costs of human labour within our workforce. Trafficking and illegal exploitation are most commonly found in the agriculture, construction and tourism sectors, as well as through recruitment agency supply chains, and in industries such as nail bars and car washes.

“The STUC has worked closely with Scottish Government and partners in drafting the business guidelines announced today. We are clear that the burden of eradicating trafficking and illegal exploitation should not fall to the victims, but instead to those with responsibility for employing people.

“We are keen to ensure that trade unions play an important role in preventing trafficking and exploitation by raising awareness within the workforce of issues of Fair Work, which feeds into the strategy for eradicating trafficking. Trade union reps are trained to actively scrutinise issues in the workplace around pay, health and safety, and working conditions which are all indicators of trafficking. Recognising trade unions, negotiating collective agreements, and enforcing these agreements have all been recognised within these guidelines as key measures for eradicating trafficking in Scotland.”



Slavery and Human Trafficking: Guidance for Businesses in Scotland can be downloaded from here

Information on the joint Scottish Government/COSLA event taking place today can be found here

For more information please contact Sarah Collins, STUC Policy Officer, on 0141 337 8100

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