ONS Figures show meagre increases in wages, and no cause for celebration

June 15th 2018

ONS Figures show meagre increases in wages, and no cause for celebration

Commenting on the labour market statistics released today, Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary, said:

“With a small rise in employment, a small fall in unemployment, and a slight upturn in wages we would urge caution against any politicians celebrating these figures today. After nearly a decade of stagnation and falling living standards, this national trend masks a variety of experiences for Scottish workers. For many families across Scotland, the labour market continues to be a web of insecurity and poverty, with take home pay falling and bills rising.

“Youth unemployment continues to run high, at around 12% for the 16-24 years age group across the UK compared to a rate of 2.7% for 25-49 year olds. And young people at work are more likely to be trapped in precarious jobs, facing poverty and insecurity. Trade Unions at a workplace level are challenging the growing generational inequality, especially in industries with a higher proportion of younger workers, but the UK Government must act to tackle the precarious future facing young people today.”



The Office of National Statistics figures released today can be accessed here.

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