STUC welcomes Nicola Sturgeon condemnation of Syria airstrikes

April 16th 2018

Closing of agency worker loophole is only positive in otherwise disappointing employment reform package

Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said:

“Unions have long campaigned to close the loophole which allowed employers to pay a lower hourly rate to agency workers than to permanent. We welcome the fact that government has finally moved on this issue.

“However we do not believe the other proposed employment reforms will make a meaningful difference for those in precarious work, and certainly not for gig workers. These proposals do virtually nothing to limit the use of zero hours contracts. Without tougher action, the day to day uncertainty which characterises the lives of so many workers will continue. We need simpler, clearer employment law and day one rights for all workers”

Claire Galloway of the Better than Zero campaign said:

“At least 250,00. people in Scotland are in insecure work with up to 100,00. on zero hours contracts.

“Every week we get reports of people not getting basic minimum wage or paid holidays that they are already entitled to. This is despite knowing their rights. Adding some half-baked additional rights with no meaningful recourse to justice is not what they need that we need. It’s the ability to enforce the rights we have. We win more when we negotiate collectively. Increased fines from the employment tribunals won’t solve the problem when so many employers already get away with not paying out awards or fines.

“It’s only through uniting together via campaigns like Better than Zero, and our trade unions, that we can get some equality of arms with our employers.”

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Better than Zero has supported Chris Stephens’ MP’s private members bill which called for more clarity on employment status and attempted to eradicate zero hour contracts through making employers pay a higher premium if they used these type of contracts.

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