STUC on Employment Statistics

February 21st 2018

Commenting on today’s employment statistics Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said:

“Today’s figures are a warning sign for the Scottish economy, with employment down across the quarter and unemployment and economic inactivity rising for the first time in two years. It is clear that Theresa May’s government is not ‘strong and stable’ and Westminster’s industrial strategy does little to offer security of employment. People are working as hard as they were ten years ago but average pay is still lower than pre-recession. Insecurity and low quality work are rife and living standards continue to fall. With Brexit likely to place further strain on the economy the outlook for workers is extremely concerning.

“The employment rate in Scotland has dropped further than any other region of the UK this quarter. While employment rates are still high overall, this change should be of concern to the Scottish Government, particularly as growth in the economy is effectively flat. Scotland must meet the challenges ahead with a proper industrial strategy and a tangible commitment to fair work. Trade unions and collective bargaining are key to driving up wages and ensuring that Scotland is a place which offers secure job opportunities.”

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