14th Annual Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) Disabled Workers Conference

November 17th 2017

The 14th Annual Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) Disabled Workers Conference will take place this weekend (18th & 19th November 2017) in Clydebank.

Disabled workers from across Scotland will join together to discuss and debate issues affecting them both in the workplace and in wider Scottish society.

Sharon Sweeney, from the UCU, who will chair the Conference said:

‘This annual conference is a reminder of the positive contribution that disabled people can make to our workplaces, our communities and the economy if the barriers we face are removed. We have a huge amount of skills and talents to offer – we must use our collective power to break down these barriers so that we can fully participate in and enjoy life.

The motions we will debate over the weekend reflect these challenges – mandatory disability awareness training, the impact of sickness absence procedures, neurodiverse interviews, lack of quality employment opportunities for disabled people, supporting participation at STUC conferences and meetings, accessible public transport, and access to buildings, to name just a few.

With the right support in place, disabled people can achieve anything they want to, and we must be front and centre of decision making processes that impact our lives. I am delighted to be the Chair of this year’s conference, which is an important opportunity for us to get together, share our experiences, and devise solutions to overcome the barriers we face every day, both inside and outside the workplace.”

Conference will also hear updates from invited guests over the weekend on a range of topics such as support for people with cancer in the workplace, hate crime, and supported employment opportunities for disabled people.

Dave Moxham, STUC Deputy General Secretary and Secretariat to the STUC Disabled Workers Committee, said,

“We recognise that there are many barriers facing disabled people in their day to day lives, but particularly in the workplace. Only 50% of disabled people are in employment in Scotland, an appalling low figure which means our economy is missing out on a massive pool of skills, talents, and experience. However, we also need to be ever vigilant and look inwards at the barriers that disabled people face within our movement. The STUC is committed to working with our Committee, affiliates, and other organisations to ensure that we are doing all we can to raise disabled peoples’ voices up and most importantly, that we are listening and improving practice as a result.”


For further information contact Sarah Wiktorski, 0141 337 8100

The Annual STUC Disabled Workers Conference takes place in the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, Clydebank, on 18th and 19th November

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