The Scottish Business Pledge must be saved from obscurity

October 20th 2017

“The Scottish Business Pledge must be saved from obscurity”

Speaking ahead of the Inclusive Growth event today in Glasgow, STUC General Secretary, Grahame Smith said:

“Whilst we welcomed the introduction of the Scottish Business Pledge in 2015, we are unfortunately not surprised at the low sign up rates released today. The STUC raised concerns at the time that the Pledge would only make a real difference to our economy if it was implemented and monitored effectively.

With only 0.2% of Scottish businesses signed up to the flagship scheme, and only 3.6% of Scottish jobs covered by it, the Scottish Government must redouble its efforts to save the scheme from obscurity and ensure that its potential to support fair work objectives and create a fairer and more prosperous economy is realised.

We encourage, once again, the Scottish Government to consider better linking the Business Pledge to public procurement, which impacts over £11 billion worth of spending per year, giving businesses an increased incentive to join the scheme.

We urge the Scottish Government to take heed of this advice and ensure that the Scottish Business Pledge does not become empty rhetoric and ensure that it has a real, tangible impact on our economy by supporting inclusive growth and improving the lives of workers across Scotland.”


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