STUC: Taylor Review is too weak to guarantee fair work

July 11th 2017

Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary Grahame Smith said:

“Whilst the Taylor Review has recognised and made recommendations to address some of the problems faced by precarious workers and those in the gig economy, it has not gone far enough to offer real hope.

“Perhaps the most positive recommendation is for the equalisation of pay for agency workers and sick pay for the low paid. The government must fully and robustly deliver on this through legislation.

“It is far from clear whether the new classification of ‘dependent contractor’ will make things any clearer.

“Of greatest concern is the lack of any meaningful action to clamp down on zero hours contracts. The ‘right to request guaranteed hours’ betrays a profound misunderstanding of the extent of the problem and no apparent awareness of the pressure workers are put under when trapped in such contracts.

“The STUC will continue support workers to attain the real protection they require against exploitation. Ultimately it is workers collective organisation and union membership which will guarantee greater security”


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