STUC on EU citizen’s rights

June 26th 2017

Commenting on the announcements on EU citizen’s rights, Grahame Smith, General Secretary of the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) said:

“The details announced by the Prime Minister today on EU citizen’s rights will be of little comfort to EU workers. It is unhelpful in the extreme to demand a five year qualifying period and then be unable to identify the cut-off date for such a period. Announcing a complex scheme that will require EU citizens to fill out a detailed application and be subject to checks by the Home Office, will raise anxiety levels rather than reduce them. The complexity of the system will also create problems for civil servants who will be expected to process millions of applications within a tight timeframe.

“This approach is unnecessarily bureaucratic and fails to value the contribution that EU workers make to our public services and our economy. A simpler approach to this issue would be in everyone’s interests.”


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