STUC: Queen’s speech devoid of measures to protect workers or increase the pay of hard pressed public service workers. Brexit squabbles will continue

June 21st 2017

Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary Grahame Smith said:

“The key message of the General Election was that whilst the Tories wanted to find a way to bury their Brexit squabbles, people across the UK wanted an alternative to austerity, protection for workers and more pay for dedicated public servants.

“Whilst the Theresa May has been forced to withdraw some of the most ridiculous of her manifesto proposals, she has nothing to meet the aspirations of the voters who turned against her, and towards Labour just a few weeks ago. Nothing for those who are on zero-hours contracts or stuck in the gig-economy and nothing to lift the public sector pay cap. This is despite the admission of many Tories during the election that it is unsustainable.

“Meanwhile the Brexit squabbles will continue. We have a raft of Bills but no basis to believe that the enfeebled Prime Minister has the will or the standing to negotiate a deal which will protect our economy or our people.


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